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△ san choy bau

San Choy bau is the kind of Chinese cuisine .
When I work restaurant ,this is the popular dish .

We always take order this dish .
Actually its easy to make this one , then we sell 14 dollars .

It just uses meat ,spicy sesame ,beans sprout ,coleander ,lettece .
It doesn't take time and its tasty .

I think if this ingredients use for the sushi ,it would be good for the business .
I have never know this dish before .
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△ English or Japanese

There are Japanese restaurant too many in Sydney .
Population is 20 million in Australia .

But its not people so much so that Japanese culuture is not so big .
So I do wring thing ,it becomes rumour easily in Japanese culture.

Actually I dont want to talk with Japanese .
I dont want to care about language .

English doesn't care upper word or something .
If I talk with Japanese , I need to care about everything .

I think language makes the culture .

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△ Stock Market

I m thinking of doing stock market .
I just want to try this thing .

Some people get money much , but some people loose money much .
Its high risk to do that .

But I want to try for the challenge .
There are some kind of market .

For example Its fx and stock market etc .
I tried to do these thing , but its little bit hard to understand .

I may get loose ,If I do this thing .
But If I dont try ,its nothing happen .

I just want to try for the challenge .
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